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It's not yet mine but I had limited input in the restore.

The Vespa was imported from Italy and is in perfect condition, only a few signs of wear, but fully functional, electronic ignition and electrical system ok just overhauled. Starting price Vespa 150 in 1956 amounted to 148,000 pounds. Cubiertas nuevas. I want it original …

See pictures and learn about the Vespa Allstate Cruisaire. Here we have one of the most elegant Vespa models of the ’60s : 1963 VESPA 150 GL – Fully restored – Never used !!! This friend is a restorer of sorts of vespas. 1964: Current Colour: yellow: Odometer: 18 miles: Last Updated: 2018-10-09 05:43:15 . Peso: 0.6 kg: Modelos: Vespa 150S 1964 Chasis V13502C Motor 502M; Vespa 150 Sprint 1966 Chasis 04C Motor 04M; Vespa 150 GS 1967 Chasis 04C Motor 04M; Vespa 160CC 1968 Chasis 09C Motor 09M 1964 GL 150 / 1974 Rally 200 .

View 150 details. We're 100% focused on being the most reliable and trustworthy Vespa Shop in America. 1963 PIAGGIO VESPA 150 GL – Totally restored !!!!!

Hooked. Rated 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings Want to leave a comment or ask the owner a question? Classic Vespa 150 in Thailand . We have over 300,000 Vespa parts and Vespa accessories in stock and carry only the highest quality available. 1964 Vespa GL 150: Post Reply Forum-> Not-So-Modern: 1 2 Next: Author Message; lrossouw. The insurance for this Vespa is really cheap and perfect for the city.

Joined: 25 Oct 2012 Posts: 187 Location: Cape Town, South Africa. Re: VESPA 150 S - AÑO 1964 - MOTOR 502 M (Restauracion) Me parece que ese esquema es de la 150s con rectficador en la caja de conexiones y salen tres cables de la bobina verde, amarillo y negro.

He decided he needed to sell some stuff and poof, here i am. Picked myself up a 1964 vespa 150, 4spd, VBB code.

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ivory color contributes to highlighting bodywork components

Hi guys Thoughts on this please.

However, during the year 1960-1970, Vespa was also produced in India by Bajaj company. In the Vespa 150 GL, bodywork is completely new with its finishes very elegant, trapezoidal headlight and a series of chrome plated friezes, the very beautiful.

I need to decide if I'm happy with the finished product.

The guy i got it fromwas selling it for a friend.

Se vende por falta de uso.

Joined: 25 Oct 2012 Posts: 187 Location: Cape Town, South Africa.

Everyone knows that Vespa is made in Italy. New oversized engine 90. Color Azul. Only shows 621 miles, and the original tires from '64 are telling the same story. We opened in August of 1992 and for over 25 years we have been riding, selling, and servicing Vespa Scooters.

Leer más sobre 0203755 Tuerca embrague ALMENADA + la cazoleta retenedora, Vespa 125-N de 1961 con nº motor: V101M-309000 a 319000, Vespa 125-L de 1962 (V101M), Vespa 125-N de 1964 (542M), Vespa 125-L de 1964 (542M). Restauración completa de chapa y pintura, cambio y motor en buen estado. Hes got a vintage 125 Allstate.

Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:30 pm quote. 1964 Vespa 150 original blue Wednesday, June 8, 2011.

Vespa 150gs Gran Sport(1955-1961) Vespa 150 GS, 1955 - Experts called it "the most popular, imitated and remembered vespa model". Story goes like this. 1963 VESPA 150 GL – Fully restored – Never used !!!

Hooked. 1964 Vespa Motorcycles - Browse a list of the available 1964 models.

Become a … Sponsored Links. Hi guys Thoughts on this please.

1964 Vespa GL 150: Post Reply Forum-> Not-So-Modern: 1 2 Next: Author Message; lrossouw. Then, after the contract between Piaggio and Bajaj had ended, Bajaj continued its scooter production with quite the same look as Vespa 150 under the Bajaj badge.