While men and women are most certainly different creatures, and we should appreciate the different strengths each possesses, we can still want similar things even if we pursue them differently. That is where the no contact rule shines and why it works on men. No Contact Rule Male Psychology What is the No Contact Rule? By having no contact with him you will turn his thinking around completely. When he broke up with you, your guy was sure you still loved him. Because if you want to really understand your man and create an incredible relationship, you need to … The lack of contact between the two of you only makes him want this reunion even more. The No Contact Rule Works On Men. The No Contact Rule: A period of time where you purposefully ignore your ex with the intent of making them miss you and improving your life. With the no-contact rule, also known as the “no contact rule”, there is only one condition that you must meet: no contact with your ex.

It’s not always easy to figure out what’s going … And no, it’s not a fantastic new mind-reading product, or a complex college course on cracking the male ego. Men think similar thoughts, and more to the point, in similar thought patterns after a breakup. But communication and especially understanding are crucial here. The no contact rule and male psychology: This is a general portrait of a man’s thoughts during this radio silence. No, it’s actually quite simple to guess what a man is thinking.

Well, believe it or not…there is a way. What many of my clients seem to miss … Using male psychology, you do the opposite and use the no contact rule.