Oil dripping from the filter. The ratchet got stuck on the plastic cap and when it image.jpg was freed off the filter housing is now leaking oil from the drain tube all the time. My son has a 1998 Astra 1.7TD with an oil leak that looks like it's coming from somewhere above the filter.

It's possibly the filter housing, but it's difficult to see up the back of the engine. Most oil filters use a rubber gasket to seal the oil in the engine. If it's left unattended, it is known to result in catastrophic failure. The housing is held in place by the threaded bolt assy that the filter screws onto. SOURCE: Oil leaks from the oil filter adapter If it is not the suggested gasket that is leaking then it is the oil pressure switch located exactly above the oil filter adapter. Astra H > Vauxhall Workshop Manuals > J Engine and Engine Aggregates > DOHC diesel engine > Oil Circulating > Repair Instructions > Oil Filter Housing, Remove and Install

The new filter for a Z18XE screws directly on to the front of the engine block behind the radiator, and the oil drains out of the drain plug at the base of the sump. 512 18.

Just an update on the oil leak around the oil filter housing, the filter is attached to an oil cooler and the leak shows itself running down from filter base area onto the sump and then dripping on the engine tray, what I found was the oil seal behind the oil cooler was leaking. Huge brand selection at low prices Oil filter housing / -seal OPEL Astra G Caravan (T98)

I parked up and few days later noticed that there was quite a big patch of oil under the car. Hi, I bought my 52 plate 1.2 SXi Corsa 6 months ago knowing it had an oil leak. If you notice oil leaking from the oil filter, here are the first three places to investigate during your oil change:. Usually, there will be a puddle of oil underneath the car when this problem occurs. Lemoore, California.

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If its the oil filter housing gasket, you will need to remove the filter. It seems to just drip out and not run down from something above. Among other issues this can be caused by a failing oil filter housing gasket. It may require some diagnosis to determine if the leak comes from the filter housing gasket, or from another area of …
Hi, I bought my 52 plate 1.2 SXi Corsa 6 months ago knowing it had an oil leak. If your oil filter housing is leaking on your N51, N52, N54, or N55 BMW engine, you need to take care of it as soon as possible. Oil cooler specific faults can occur, such as a leak or leaky fittings. Oil filter housing gasket leaks can and should be caught during basic maintenance.