Although originally advertised as a skincare product, petroleum jelly has many practical uses for your health and beauty needs. Take a peek inside any medicine cabinet and you’re sure to find a little jar of petroleum jelly. That is all for petroleum jelly uses and its benefits. If your fridge drawers aren’t gliding smoothly, opening and closing them can get infuriating very quickly! Discover petroleum jelly - its uses and what its made of. That includes your baby's poop and pee.

Basically, there is nothing that it can’t do.

Luckily, fixing this issue is one of many petroleum jelly uses. Take a peek inside any medicine cabinet and you’re sure to find a little jar of petroleum jelly. The long red tapers you used at last night's candlelit dinner were a beautiful sight until you saw the candle wax drippings left in the candleholders. What is Petroleum Jelly? Many people use Vaseline as a cheap way to soften and moisturize their skin.

The wax will pop out for easy cleaning. If your baby has diaper rashes, you can use petroleum jelly. If there are any other beauty Basically, there is nothing that it can’t do.
Amazing Uses for Vaseline (or Petroleum Jelly): For Skin. 5. Next time, apply petroleum jelly to the insides of the holders before you put the candles in. 10 health-related uses for petroleum jelly That tub of Vaseline that you probably remember seeing in your grandmother's house warrants a spot in your medicine cabinet, too. But if you’re still not convinced, my two-ingredient “non-petroleum jelly” will work just as well for any of the uses I’ve listed below! Petroleum jelly protects the skin from outside stuff. Petroleum jelly is a blend of waxes and mineral oils discovered in 1839 by Robert Chesebrough, who then marketed it as Vaseline. Medically reviewed by You can also use petroleum jelly on the diaper rashes. Although it can soften skin, there are many reasons never to put petroleum jelly on your skin. Petroleum jelly has a variety of uses, including for diaper rash, as a moisturizer, to treat skin conditions such as eczema, and as a lubricant. It can be used on most parts of your body (but not all. It can be used to remove eye makeup. Usually nestled inside those classic blue containers, Vaseline® Jelly has become a household staple over the years – but how much do you really know about it? It’s such a versatile product, and there are many Vaseline® Jelly uses for beauty. . However, before applying it, do consult a doctor. There’s a reason why Vaseline® Jelly is known as the original ‘Wonder Jelly’ – because it has a variety of uses, some more unusual than others. Petroleum jelly is a semisolid mixture of fatty substances that are a byproduct of the crude oil industry.

It will prevent the skin from constant exposure to moisture. What is Healing Petroleum Jelly, and How is It Used? What you need to know about Vaseline® petroleum jelly. 1. A common brand name is Vaseline. Petroleum jelly, commonly known as the brand-name product Vaseline, is made up of a mixture of mineral oils and waxes.

:-) 15 Brilliant Uses For Vaseline. Join our newsletter list Last updated on Sep 13, 2019. Learn more about the benefits of petroleum jelly here. Discover different skin care & beauty uses for Vaseline® Jelly. Diaper Rash Relief. Vaseline works to soothe, soften, moisturize, condition, clean, and protect your skin and prevent chafing and friction. AddThis is disabled because of cookie consent. You can use it between diaper changes if your baby gets a rash. see exceptions below). Clean your baby’s skin; towel-dry the area, then apply some petroleum jelly. Baby Petroleum Jelly.

Lubricate Fridge Drawers. It is a perfect all-in-one product for all ladies. . Dosage form: cream Ingredients: PETROLATUM 99g in 100g Labeler: Rejoice International Inc.