Mid and light brown could work with lighter grey suits.

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The elegance of the dark, rich tone of a charcoal suit can be styled with the darkest shades of brown shoes. 30 Charcoal Grey Suit Black Shoes Styles For Men Next Luxury. Go with black, I wore medium-grey socks with charcoal trousers and black shoes the other day and was frightened to sit down because it looked so stupid.

Strict business formality is easy — a charcoal gray or navy blue suit and plain black shoes. The general rule of thumb is that your shoes should be at least as dark in color as your suit.

Mid or light brown, not so much. Plain black always works best but pairing your suit with a pair of dark burgundy shoes will result in a look that is more elegant and relaxed.

In either case, you simply take the opposite approach as your first suit … What Color Trousers To Wear With Burgundy Shoes: ... A navy suit with burgundy shoes is a classic combination that’s handsome and a bit more unique than a pair of regular brown shoes. For suits I prefer my socks to be the … The second suit a man should own when starting a business wardrobe is a gray one, but here the recommendations vary between a mid-gray and a charcoal.

Charcoal Gray Custom Suit. The Charcoal Gray Suit in Conclusion – The Versatile Suit Every Man Should Own. They reveal whether he takes pride in the little things.

A dark suit like a charcoal may automatically say “black shoes” when you look at it, but notice how the reddish tones really bring the fabric to life.

You Can Judge a Man by His Shoes. Top 30 Best Charcoal Grey Suit Black Shoes Styles For Men – Men’s Fashion Ideas Regardless if you lean more towards a charcoal or lighter grey, a grey suit is a must have item in any man’s closet.

The only real equivalent is a navy blue suit, which fills the same basic function.

Using a gray tie with this navy suit is a surefire way to earn style points. A charcoal grey suit is the best of the best for semi-formal to formal wedding that are not tuxedo affairs. When wearing a charcoal grey suit try to keep away from brown shoes. Brown is flexible enough to work well in both causal and relaxed environments, but also more … To compliment any finely tailored grey or charcoal suit consider wearing brown shoes. Of course, you can also dress it down with a … Dark brown or burgundy might be acceptable for a charcoal suit. ... Charcoal is the darkest shade of grey before becoming black whereas dark grey will be comparably lighter.