The Chinese Pistache is a beautiful tree that grows quickly in full sun to partial shade and will withstand heat and drought extremely well. Long–lived, winter hardy shade tree with spectacular red, red–orange fall color. It's deciduous so that its beautiful dark green foliage and large canopy can provide plenty of shade in the summer and let the warmth of the sun in during the winter! The female Chinese Pistachio Tree … Chinese Pistache: Shade Tree Superstar For Texas Which characteristics are most important when choosing a tree to shade and beautify your home? Its small leaf clusters are green in the summer and turn brilliant red and yellow in the fall before they are shed. Common Name: Pistache FREE with every plant purchased:. The Sooner Guarantee: For details, click here! Extremely pest resistant.

Chinese Pistache is one of our favorite ornamental trees due to its famous brilliant orange-crimson Fall color. This tree has wonderful fall color with reds, yellows, and orange leaves. It is a small tree that is native to the western and central parts of China. They can be used to improve any landscape and the Pistacia 'Red Push' is a hybrid that can hold its stunning red fall color longer! Shop 8.75-gallon chinese pistache shade tree in pot (with soil) (l1089) at It can reach … First, to realize the “Earth–Kind” goal of attractive, productive plants, with minimum effort but maximum protection for the environment, an enlightened selection of plant materials is crucial. A pre-measured amount of Polyon® Best-Paks time release fertilizer that keeps your plant well nourished for one year. Gardener's HQ Guide to GrowingChinese Pistache. It grows 2 to 3 feet annually until it reaches a height between 40 and 50 feet at maturity. We love Red Push Pistache trees! Chinese Pistache. Its umbrella-like crown and green lustrous leaves are very attractive throughout the growing season. Chinese Pistache is a moderate grower. A near perfect shade tree for one–story buildings. Hardiness: Zone 5. Belonging to the cashew family it is quite sturdy in nature. The Pistacia chinensis, is commonly called the Chinese Pistache or Chinese pistachio in English.. Chinese Pistachio - 35' height 35' width The Chinese Pistachio Tree is a fast growing long lived tree. Outstanding heat, drought and soil tolerance. Pistacia chinensis. The Chinese Pistachio Tree is a medium size tree and is great for small areas.