Having said that when I heard it after a long absence I can kind of see how that can be construed if one so wishes to. The nu-wave outsider giving the staid old guard the finger, as Costello imagined was happening in a Holiday Inn bar in Ohio in 1979, intent as he was on pissing off Stephen Stills’ band. On another, not at all, but let’s recap anyway. (The band also released an early music video for this song; now that was racist.) Bob Marley (February 6, 1945 – May 11, 1981), born Nesta Robert Marley which was later to be changed by passport officials to Robert Nesta Marley, was a Jamaican singer-songwriter, guitarist, and activist.He was the most widely known writer and performer of Reggae, and more specifically Roots Reggae.He is famous for popularising the genre outside of Jamaica and the Caribbean. Dread lock Holiday is not in itself racist.

10cc – “Dreadlock Holiday” Tom • FT + Popular • features/Pop • 118 comments • 15,583 views #426, 23rd September 1978 . Posted by Shihab S Joi. 11. Prisoners are given dreadlock holiday: Hundreds of convicts allowed four days off prison work a year to celebrate Rastafarian festivals e-mail Most watched News videos What is 'Dreadlock Holiday' about? Graham Gouldman said: "Some of … Terl is a member of the Psychlo species of humanoid aliens that takes over Earth. Dreadlock Holiday (Eric Stewart/Graham Gouldman) (4:29) B1.

… ... Ob-La-Da, 10cc and the cringe overload that is Dreadlock Holiday, Kinks’ Ray Davies, on Black Messiah (above) and the equally offensive Apeman, and, of course, Sting. In Austria the song became 10cc single entry in the charts peaking at #18. On one level the ‘plot’ of “Dreadlock Holiday” is hugely important to any judgement of it. But before any of that, some history will be useful; 'Uptown Top Ranking' borrows its backing track hook and line from Marcia Aitken's 'I'm Still In Love With You', which was itself a re-recording of Anton Ellis' 'I'm Still In Love' from 1967. 31. Myself I think that we MUST try to differentiate between malicious hateful comments and irony. January 19, 2017 at 3:08 am Jesus, someone needs to get out and smell the coffee a bit more. 1978 Althea & Donna: Uptown Top Ranking And from one song that confused me no end as a boy to another, albeit for different reasons. John Travolta wore dreadlocks for his role as Terl in the film "Battlefield Earth." 11 thoughts on “ 36 MOST RIDICULOUSLY RACIST MOMENTS IN MUSIC ” Scorpio. The B side is a nonalbum track, “Nothing Can Move Me.” It’s a bland rocker that one can only assume is very, very subtle irony. Dreadlock Holiday Lyrics: I was walkin' down the street / Concentrating on truckin' right / I heard a dark voice beside of me / And I looked round in a state of fright / I saw four faces, one mad / A "Dreadlock Holiday" became the group's international #1 hit topping the charts in the UK, Belgium, New Zealand and The Netherlands. However, Stewart changed the location to Jamaica. 3/4’s of these at least are by no means racist. Meanwhile people are being killed in the name of religion every day. Having dreadlocks doesn’t mean you are a racist person and sure, you may not have meant to piss people off – but that doesn’t mean that dreadlocks on white people exist in an anti-race vacuum. Original 7-inch single version A1. Because one shudders to think otherwise. And Dreadlock Holiday smacks of a racially awkward era that gave us the TV shows Mind Your Language and It Ain't Half Hot Mum – and, for all its jaunty jubilance, should arguably have stayed there. 10cc's reggae-tinged number one single was based on real events Eric Stewart and Moody Blues singer Justin Hayward experienced in Barbados. 36 MOST RIDICULOUSLY RACIST MOMENTS IN MUSIC. For example, dressing as an apache Indian may very well be a homage or a mark of respect.