The shores of Lake Ontario are just across the street. Lorick Stables is located in beautiful Youngstown, just a few miles from Canada in Western New York State. He would do well in a home with a novice with instruction and has an amazing canter and would be a nice first horse for long or short stirrup hunter and equitation riders. The shores of Lake Ontario are just across the street.

Tel +1 678 657 8000 . Home; … He almost passed the evaluation, but the vet detected a problem with the left stifle.

Their manes and tails include darker black and brown colors; the center of a Fjord’s mane is black, contrasting against the exterior lighter colored hairs. We breed for an athletic Fjord Horse, well suited to a variety of disciplines.

The horses truly love it here! Ranger is a 14.1h 11yo Fjord gelding. Even if we personally don't have the perfect Fjord horse for you, we know there's a Norwegian Fjord out there for you...that's why we offer for others to list their horses for sale below as well. To view more information on our Norwegian Fjord stallion "Thor" please see our Stallions page. Home to exceptional imported mares and frozen semen from European stallions.

... 75 Fifth Street, Suite 1100 GA 30308 Atlanta USA. 1DR FJORDS Striving to help you experience the wonder (1dr) and intrigue of the Fjord breed for the past 29 years.

This is a listing of Fjord Horse breeders who are listed with the NFHR and other fjord horse links.

This is a group created to list REGISTERED Norwegian Fjord horses for sale.

Fjord Horse Breeders & Other Fjord Links. Our family (Dennis, Aja and 2 daughters Lia and Avery) breed and raise these wonderful horses in the busy setting of our working cattle farm. EquineNow listing of fjord for sale in united states.

Possessing a charming, gentle disposition and a curious, active character, the Fjord horse is long lived, agile, surefooted and willing to perform a variety of tasks. The Norwegian Fjord Horse is one of the world's oldest and purest breeds.

The FJORD HERALD and the NORWEGIAN FJORD HORSE REGISTRY make no implication as to the registerability of horses sold by breeders listed in this FARM DIRECTORY.

319 Congress Avenue Suite #200 Austin, TX 78701 USA. We do not have the breeding regulations that are found in Austria- but our top breeders do a nice job of regulating themselves, meaning that they choose high-quality mares and breed them to the finest studs. Langley, BC Canada (778) 822-3276 to call or text (778) 822-3276 to call or text. Norwegian Fjord Horses. For over twenty years we have owned and produced Norwegian Fjord Horses that have won top honors in ADS (American Driving Society), USDF (United States Dressage Federation) and Fjord breed shows.

The FJORD 44 open is an overwhelming source of the most intense feelings – evoked by her trend-setting appearance, her exhilarating power and her countless amenities spread all over the yacht.

We have plenty of great American Haflingers. You can view some of our past Norwegian Fjord Horses that we raised on our slideshow below. Visit us in one of our studios Austin. Hundreds of herds of wild Fjords existed in Norway after the last ice age, where they migrated and were domesticated more than 4,000 years ago. We saw him for the first time at the Stallion evaluations.

Green Valley Farm is a well known Norwegian Fjord Horse farm, located in northwestern Illinois (USA), in the beautiful town of Galena. Bastian is standing at stud for outside mares by live cover and AI for 2017. As one of the world’s oldest and purest breeds, the Fjord’s history dates back over 4,000 years to the Vikings of Norway who cherished this special breed as a farming and war horse.

In the United States, there are many excellent Haflinger breeders. You can view some of our past Norwegian Fjord Horses that we raised on our slideshow below.

Sold January 2018 ~ Tonka has been a fun addition for us at Footnote Farm but unfortunately hasn't found just the right niche in our lesson program. Go for a spontaneous jaunt to the neighbouring coves.

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