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7 Life cycle of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. There are two fruit fly species of economic importance on deciduous fruit, Mediterranean fruit fly and Natal fruit fly. Life cycle of the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann), from left to right: adult, pupa, larva and eggs. What is a Drain Fly? Eggs are deposited under the skin of fruit which is just beginning to ripen, often in an area where some break in the skin already has occurred. Their biology and life-cycle are virtually identical. Gain an understanding of the life cycle of D. melanogaster, an insect which exhibits complete metamorphosis 5. Fig. 4. The fruit flies you captured laid eggs, and those white wiggly maggots you observed are the second stage of fruit fly development, called larvae, just like caterpillars are the larval stage of butterflies and moths.Those little specks were the third stage in the fruit fly life cycle, called pupae. Taking this quiz is a fast and easy way to assess your knowledge of the fruit fly life cycle. The middle image shows a typical vial to keep flies and their offspring in the laboratory; this one is 10 cm high, contains food at the bottom (made from corm flower) and is plugged with a cotton ball; a close-up of … In this article, let us shed some light on drain flies, their size and appearance, life cycle, their difference with fruit flies, health effects, how to get rid of drain flies and know every piece of information associated with them. Photograph by USDA. Fruit fly life cycle is an important subject to be studied. Fruit flies life stage is a short span of time. Fruit flies are insects, and like all insects, they go through distinct live stages. However, these flies can also be brown. About This Quiz & Worksheet. Construct crosses of caught and known wild- type and mutated flies 6. Learn techniques to manipulate flies, sex them, and keep concise journal notes 7. Why? GURION ANG: Understanding the life cycle of a fruit fly is possibly the best way you can direct your pest management strategies at home. A drain fly is a small fly and usually black in color. Learn culturing techniques to keep the flies healthy 8. U nder favourable conditions female fruit flies become sexually mature and capable of laying eggs about 5 days after they emerge.