Topic: voth vs the borg: TheF0rce Active Member Member # 533 posted do you think the voth can give the borg a run for their money? When the Borg assimilate a species they are usually given a number as they are categorized into the Collective. Either the Voth are far more advanced than the Borg and have avoided them in their city ships. Mid … Looking at this size comparison chart, we see that the Borg Cube is substantially taller than the Voth City ship: Transwarp is the term for the form of warp travel which exceeds the maximum established speeds of standard warp drive technology. On Memory Alpha, a Borg Cube is described as: Borg cubes were massive in size, measuring over three kilometers across (Which would be each direction) Whilst Memory Beta says the Voth City ship measured over 4.9 km in length. I can only think of two options. ------------ Both have 6 months prep and have a very basic understanding of their opponents. The Voth's form of transwarp allows them to travel at transwarp speeds within subspace, while the Vaadwuar made use of stable transwarp conduits. So on this basis the Voth would be a primary target for the Borg. They already live in the same quadrant and the Voth may arugebly be the most advanced corporeal beings in the galaxy. The Voth were present in the Dyson sphere as well and intended to harness the powers of the particle and the Omega molecule derived from it as weapons against the Borg, who were attacking their borders. No single individual truly existed within the Borg Collective (with the possible exception of the Borg Queen), as all Borg were linked into a hive mind which connected all of them and allowed information from every drone who had been brought into the collective to be shared. The crew of that ship determined that the Voth evolved from Earth's dinosaurs. Basically the Voth from Star Trek Voy, ST books and ST: Online vs the Covenant and its fringe members in an empty galaxy. to be honset, the Voth should be alot superior in tech than they're showned since they aquired space travel thousands of years beyond the existance of most warmblooded creatures on Earth. The Voth and the Allies subsequently began a trench war for the possession of the sphere. The Voth are an intelligent, space-faring, bipedal saurian species that the USS Voyager encountered in the Delta Quadrant. Transwarp speed is achievable by a number of methods. The Borg were a pseudo-species of cybernetic humanoids, or cyborgs, from the Delta Quadrant known as drones. Covenant can also use post war stuff btw.