Also, be sure you are using the appropriate exterior primer for your work surface. Gel stain is also used for faux finishing and glazing. When you do this, be sure you protect your hands with gloves so that you do not get any solution on them.

Or, you might stain a child's painted bedroom dresser and turn it into adult-worthy guest room furniture with a glazed, lacquered look. Most gel stains begin to set in a matter of one to two minutes. Use a gel coat to stain the door. Work quickly. Work in the direction of the steel's grain. Paint a layer of stain onto the steel door with the roller. Staining over paint may seem counterintuitive, but it's an efficient way to achieve a host of interesting effects as well as to save fading paint. Or you can follow the direction of the garage door pattern. Stain over paint is suitable for smaller projects like refurbishing old furniture or even decorating doors and woodwork.

Don't brush over set stain or it will lift from the steel and fail to penetrate. Step 3 - Stain the Metal Door. You can gel stain over a painted garage door whether it is metal, wood or fiberglass as long as you use this technique with gel stain as other stains will not work.

When brushing, work on each section of the door at a time, and try to mimic the direction of natural wood grain. Once satisfied, add the gel stain to the paint tray and begin staining. How to Gel Stain a Garage Door Written ... though you can clean it by hand. Take a dry rag. It's a great way to transform a thrift store nightstand into an heirloom-style piece with rich, dark undertones. Use the angled brush to get into any nooks, crannies or edges. You can use water- or oil-based,liquid or gel stains to make an antique glaze, darken an existing color or fill in color on old painted furniture as … If you are not using a power washer, then wash the surface with a strong hose. Like paint, gel stain coats the surface instead of penetrating it.

Dip the rag in gel coat and apply the gel coat onto your metal door. Gel stain is formulated more like paint than traditional stain. How to Stain with Gel Stain Over an Existing Finish [without stripping] October 16, 2014 By Reeves @ The Weathered Door 23 Comments I shared the makeover of a Mid Century Modern Credenza last week where I used General Finishes Gel Stain over the existing … Then apply a mixture of vinegar to the surface and rinse thoroughly. Step 2 - Prep. You want to get as much of the old paint off the metal as possible as well as any loose dirt or other debris. It's primarily used on wood, although it can be used on other surfaces, including fiberglass and metal.