He managed to convince David to take a ride with him in it. S4, Ep12 27 May 2016 Nixie was the one who Joe spotted and he chased her to the canal where Nixie got caught in the net. Sirena was born in the Mako Pod to an unnamed mermaid in late 1990s. Jodie is one of the supporting characters in Mako: Island of Secrets.

Sirena was one of the main characters in Mako: Island of Secrets for the first and second season. Release year: 2015 Two new mermaids come ashore to try to break Zac's connection to their precious Mako Island, even as a …

She's a really beautiful soul and a bit naïve, but that can sometimes work to her disadvantage.

While teaching the younger mermaids how to walk on land, Ondina and Weilan lose a mermaid in Mako that soon, runs into Chris and Karl on the beach.

Mako Mermaids marks a change in the tone of Netflix's original series, which previously had churned out only shows meant for an older audience. When Cam takes the Trident to Mako behind Nixie's back, the mermaids realize that he intends to turn himself into a merman so he can rule Mako Island. While boating, Joe noticed something weird swimming under them and started chasing it.

Joe works as a delivery man for Ocean Cafe, and is usually late. Sirena is the mediator and the peacekeeper between Lyla and Nixie. She already had an older sister named Aquata. He likes boats and recently bought a new one. Of course, introducing kids to online TV raises its own concerns, so if this is your kids' first experience with this, that is a factor to consider. She is that kind of girl who just decides that she's dating someone, even without the other person knowing. Joe is the older brother of David. She is portrayed by actress Tori Bailey.

Jodie is the captain of the girls swimming team in the school where she also studies, the Suncoast High.