Unlike Jewish dietary laws, in which only aquatic life with fins and scales are regarded as kosher, Islamic dietary law views any and all forms of aquatic life as halal. Halal Animals. (Sahih al-Bukhari 4219) And Also, as an obligatory precaution, from animals whose flesh is permitted to be eaten -even the camel. But camels, fish and locust become halal without their heads being slaughtered, as will be explained later. Scholars have differed on the ruling for eating alligator meat. Cow (including mountain cow) 8. ... for the hilleyyat of a halal-meat animal (in order for the animal to be considered as 'halal') Buffalo 5. now that the correct Islamic decision on the matter is made known, there would be no excuse for any Muslim to eat unlawful meat. Question: As-Salamu `Alaykum, Are Muslims allowed to eat bear meat? The labelling of certain meat as 'halal' implies that all other meat is not halal. Eating Horse is Halal: This term is more accepted because it has some valid ahadith.

food & drink-Permitted & Prohibited ... Urine from animals whose meat is intrinsically forbidden:the urine of the lion, the elephant and so on. “An elephant is a fanged animal; hence, it will be prohibitively disliked (makruh) to consume its meat.” [3] Imam al-Haskafi (Allah have mercy on him), whilst mentioning the list of haram animals, states that it is not permissible to eat the meat of an elephant. One of the principles in the Hanafi School concerning animal consumption is that all terrestrial predatory fanged animals are considered haram, such as a lion, cheetah, tiger, leopard, wolf, fox, dog, cat, etc. Posted on March 1, 2011 by Shaykh Senad Agic. A kosher animal must specifically have divided hooves, like a cow or sheep. No, elephants are not kosher animals. Goat 3. This means the animals must be cared for well, fed natural foods, be treated with kindness. In light of the above general principles, the following is a list of Halal and Haram animals in the Hanafi School: (Both these lists of animals are not exclusive) Animals whose meat is Halal: 1. Meat prepared in this manner is called zabihah, or simply, halal meat. Camel 2. No other land animals are kosher, unless they have hooves which are divided in two. Y not just stick to chicken, goat, sheep etc or is becuase thiers CJD and Bird flu around that ur looking for an … It is stated in Bukhari as: Narrated Jabir bin `Abdullah: On the day of Khaibar, Allah's Messenger (SAW) forbade the eating of donkey meat and allowed the eating of horse meat. And. Muslims are instructed to eat meat that is "halal and tayyib (pure)". Stag 6.