Comes with a KMOD Turbo Manifold/3in Downpipe/Dumptube, Turbosmart wastegate, Turbosmart Blow off valve(BOV), Treadstone Intercooler, All required couplers & clamps, Turbo oil feed & return kit, Turbo blanket, & Heat shielding sleeve, & Heat shielding exhaust wrap. DA. Honda / Acura K-Series AirWerks T3 / V-Band ProStreet Turbo Kit $ 3,650.00. Its quite easy, just choose a *Turbo Manifold *KMOD I/C Piping Kit *KMOD Oil Feed/Return Kit *Turbocharger *Wastegate *Blow Off Valve *Intercooler *Fuel Injectors *Fuel Pump *Map Sensor *Boost Control Solenoid & *Spark Plugs. Products (Total Items: 17) Sort by: K-Swap Package Level TWO.

Level 3.

The kit currently fits both EG and DC2 as well as Hasport EKK2 EK chassis. Hello, Guest! EG Civic K-Swap T3 EFR IWG Turbo Kit $ 3,450.00. KMOD Performance Custom Turbo Kits Available with a Precision Turbo, or a Garrett Turbo. Shop Now. Shop Now. Honda/Acura K-Swap Twin Scroll EFR T4 IWG Turbo Kit $ 3,750.00. Level 2. Shop Now. **Buy them all at once or one piece at a time** **We Level 1. Shop Now.

Swap Packages. K-Tuned - Swap Packages. Login. ITEM(S) IN CART 0 . Your Price: USD $2,099.99 In Stock. Honda EG K-Swap … Build your own turbo kit. Swap Packages; Engine; Drivetrain; Suspension ; Electronics; Fittings; Merchandise; Car; Garage Sale; Home > Swap Packages. Shop Now. Level 4. Sub-Categories. I am proud to announce the availability of complete turbo kits for your k swapped rides. Honda/Acura K-Series ProStreet EFR T3 EWG Turbo Manifold $ 1,435.00. EKK1 fitment coming soon once the updated down pipe is done. Wth the common trend to follow the forced induction route this is a great opton for all k swap hybrids. Honda/Acura K-Series Twin Scroll EFR T4 EWG Turbo Manifold $ 1,575.00.