a) This guide defines each listing in the Garage section for each car available in the iRacing.com Motorsport Simulation. The Virtual Race Car Engineer is for you. One driver may a like a car that steers very aggressively, while another may like to drive a smooth, slower reacting car. On the other hand, if you have a car setup with toe out in the front, the car's initial turning would be slower for a given amount of initial steering. KevsCorner Tech Tips. Re: Base Line Set Up For Dirt « Reply #5 on: May 18, 2012, 11:00:27 pm » So If you do set the car up in a manner that the left is shorter than the right … Below is a list of services conducted during the alignment and setup: All springs rated

Load the setup in the iRacing simulation under Garage – My Setups.

Now do it more easily with free Chassis Set-Up Sheet downloads from Intercomp Racing.These easy to use sheets not only help you track changes made to your race vehicle but also help you analyze results, making your race wins less of a guessing game.

Driver's Clinic . The most c) Explains how to select adjustments that may address the car’s deficiencies in the beginning, middle and end of a corner.

However, there is no magic setup that will work on every car and every track condition for every driver. Need to reference a part or not sure exactly what you need?!

Hey all! KevsCorner Throttle Linkage Page. iRacing setups for the Asphalt Legends Ford 34C Car at South Boston Speedway are available for free download on these pages.

Setup Sheets. If there are more than nine iRacing setups available for this car/track combination, look for the navigation links near the bottom of each page. Offering whole-lap and corner-specific advice, VRCE will get the very best out of your setup. The car is turning less than the steering input or radius would dictate and the driver will need to add steering in the direction of the turn. Do not attempt to open the setup file in Windows. Remember the amount of traction offered by the race track or the amount of

Chassis Setup is the most important factor in having a fast Dirt Oval car.

Larry Shaw Race Cars Recomended Tuning Guidelines And Setup Sheet Please read before deciding what changes to make to your chassis All tuning recomendations are based on starting at the baseline setup. Frame color is black. For the Star Mazda Championship, for example, there are forum threads to help you get started in setting up the Star Mazda, and also a Setup Shop thread where other drivers have shared their setups for anyone to use, and they are listed by track. Setup Info: In my rookie season, my first decision was to shorten my learning curve by having someone else set up my car.

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Created to promote exciting racing while keeping costs down, the Legends car racing series features scaled-down replicas of classic 30’s and 40’s American car body styles. Legend Factory: These are the settings the vehicle comes with as if it was bought from Brand Central .

b) Explains the function of each adjustment. The Ultimate iRacing Car Setup Cheat Sheet.


Ultimate Racecars LLC offers complete alignment and setups services for both asphalt and dirt Legends race cars. Left = 50.6 %, Rear = 49.8 %, Cross Weight = 49.5 %

Works for many different styles of race cars, including RC cars. 3200 - 3400 Lb.

Intercomp's Worldwide Headquarters | 3839 County Road 116 | Medina, MN 55340-9342 USA Toll Free (US Canada): 800-328-3336 | Worldwide: +1 763-476-2531 | Fax: +1 763-476-2613 You can usually find setups in the forum for the car.

KevsCorner Gear Chart. Standard: This sheet is "default" settings for the driver given their racing style.

VRCE fine tunes your existing baseline setup to get the most out of the car… fast. Tracking, organizing and analyzing data is an important part of staying ahead of the game in your racing hobby or career. Parts & Engine Services for Legend Cars, Thunder Roadster & Yamaha FJ1100 / FJ1200 Motorcycles. It doesn't require loads of money and it doesn't require a lot of time. PLEASE CONTACT THE USLCI MAIN OFFICE OR YOUR LOCAL DEALER FOR SPECIFIC PRICING**

Save these setup files to C:\Documents\iRacing\setups\legends ford34c\. Legend Chassis (Optima) with everthing but seat, motor and wheels.

The Trackside Companion Setup Sheet Manager: Allows chassis setup data to be entered, saved, edited, printed, and viewed anywhere. **PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Setup Manual. In the process, the driver tailors the setup to his individual needs and feel.

Yeatts Racing 2001 "A" Setup Weight Chart: The above settings should give you the following figures.

Best of all, YOU can set up your car and have a consistent, reliable, stable setup to …

Legend Car Setup 2001 (Updated Edition) J. Kevin Yeatts Setting up your Legends car doesn't require a degree in rocket science.

If the car is going fast enough, the driver can’t add enough steering to prevent the car from running off the road, which it will do nose first.