If you choose not to reboot before the scheduled time, then Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will reboot and migrate your instances within a 24-hour period after the scheduled time.. An instance is no longer impacted by a maintenance event when the Maintenance Reboot field for the instance is blank.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute offers significant price-performance and control improvements compared to on-premise data centers, while providing the elasticity and cost savings of the public cloud. Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services (BMCS) now makes it easier to migrate your enterprise applications to the cloud with new larger 8 core and 16 core virtual machine (VM) shapes and expanded operating system (OS) choice.

Shapes are available for both BM & VM instances. You can change the shape of a virtual machine (VM) instance without having to rebuild your instances or redeploy your applications.

Compute Shapes. For more information, see the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Getting Started guide, Compute service overview, and Compute FAQ. See Overview of Block Volume for more information.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure now offers the largest instances available in a public cloud today, with up to 52 physical cores per instance.

The operating system images that are available include Oracle Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows. The REST endpoint URL for your Oracle Compute Cloud Service .

A shape is a resource profile that specifies the number of CPU threads and the amount of memory (in MB) to be allocated to an instance. VM instances offer compute resources in many shapes, from a single OCPU to 24 OCPUs, catering to a variety of workloads and software architectures. When you create an instance, by using a launch plan for example, you must specify the shape you want to use. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers high-performance remote block (iSCSI) LUNs that are redundant and can be backed up using an API call. There are several predefined shapes available on oracle cloud Infrastructure. Cloud Compute Key Features. Virtual Machines. When you reboot an instance for maintenance, it is migrated to a different physical VM host.. Compute Shapes. It’s easy to try them out with our 30-day trial and our Always Free tier of services. Types Of Shapes. 1) Standard shapes: These shapes provide a balance of cores, memory, and network resources. We want you to experience the features and enterprise-grade capabilities that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers.
Compute NVMe Performance. This lets you scale up your Compute resources for increased performance, or scale down to reduce cost..

Compute Shape is a combination of CPU, Memory, and Local storage. By PehKeong The. Note that the purchase of the 'Pay as you go' service do not require any upfront payment; monthly invoice will be generated based on usage.
Changing the Shape of an Instance.