Some that have resonated with me are: "Intend to allow more joy into your life—amen!" Next time they visit their grandparents, have them ask questions to learn about how they grew up and what they like and dislike. As the past two weeks have passed, I’ve gotten one piece of advice that has been the most helpful: if there are any questions you have, now is the time to ask them.

Al writes his philosophies on index cards and tapes them to mirrors and cabinets in his house.

Below is a list of potential questions to ask your parents, grandparents or anyone else in your family whose story you’d like to preserve.

Or go with them and add your own questions to the mix. These questions focus on the younger and formative years. There are questions you should ask your grandparents now, because not only would they love to share them, but you’ll end up learning a lot in the process.

Make sure they grab a pen and paper (or record on their phone) so they can share the stories with you.

April 15, 2016.

Encourage those answering the question to elaborate or follow up with another question. Ever wonder what questions to ask your parents or grandparents? By Kaitlyn Wylde. This is the result.

A great way for children to bond with grandparents and borrow some of their wisdom is a fun interview. There are a lot of questions here. We recently did an ‘Interview with Grandma’ and it was a super success! Go ahead. When I first started doing life story interviews, it seemed as if people spent the majority of time talking about their early days. Whichever is true, they were growing up during a completely different epoch.

GM: I was born on 12nd July 1942, in Algés. There are a lot of things we know about our grandparents: They give amazing hugs, rarely say no to requests for ice cream and they are masters at reading stories.

M: First, where and when were you born? If you have not interviewed your parents or grandparents, do it. Don’t wait until regret sets in to realize you never asked the questions you wanted to ask. Thus, you will find out a lot of new things and encourage old memories, which are good for a memory workout. "Singing keeps you young," and "This moment is as it should be." This fun question always makes people smile and often leads to a humorous or poignant exchange about family, travel, holidays and traditions, hopes and dreams, and friendship. If you make a point of recording and writing down you family story it is something that can be cherished for generations. 100 Questions About Your Childhood. Those questions can be pretty much anything.

Interview with a Grandparent: 10 Questions to Ask. Grandparents enjoy the precious moments they have with you to ask about college, dating, and your interesting social life.

Writing a Personal History or Family History A guide to conduction a personal history interview . In a request of my English teacher, I maked a interview to my Grandparents, Laura and América, about how was their school. Their childhood can be cheerful or traumatic.