In their roll-out, they still skewed urban, but this time they truly unpacked another layer of who and what Hip-Hop really is. The new flavor takes Sprite’s classic lemon-lime taste and adds just a hint of ginger; it will be released in both regular and sugar-free versions. Lemon-lime and ginger-flavored soda with other natural flavors. To support the launch, Sprite has teamed up with Jeff Staple and a team of artists to reveal a limited-edition fashion and product portfolio called the “Sprite Ginger Collection”. Sprite Ginger and the “Ginger Collection” debuted at a special media and influencer event at Extra Butter NYC, a premier streetwear boutique on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. With the new Sprite Ginger collection, that might be a “hell, yeah.” In February 2020, they launched this new pop with a twist of ginger, a stable flavor on-trend with the current market. No, there are no other Sprite Ginger variants. To celebrate the release of the new flavor, Sprite enlisted a group of fledgling creators from different creative backgrounds to create the “Ginger Collection.” The … Sprite Ginger Launches With Accompanying Collection: Part of its Thirst for Yours platform in partnership with Jeff Staple.

The event helped promote the launch of Sprite Ginger, a reinvention of Sprite's classic lemon-lime taste with a hit of ginger flavor. The launch of Sprite Ginger and the “Ginger Collection” borrow a page from the streetwear playbook by coming to life via a “drop”, which is also how some of the most culturally resonant albums, movies, and sneakers build intrigue and interest before making their seemingly-out-of-the-blue debuts. The classic lemon-lime taste of Sprite® with a hit of Ginger flavor in every sip. Nutrition Facts . It’s simply a line of Sprite Ginger-themed merch that includes T-shirts, hoodie, skateboard deck, vinyl figurine, and other accessories. Coca-Cola didn’t just launch a new flavor—the company also rolled out something called the Ginger Collection, which is the brand’s first creative capsule collection. hey oh you don't know my sprite ginger walk with me this is newness it's new new but at the same time oh so familiar let's talk an ice-cold ginger flavor this way sprite ginger crazy right limited edition would have sugar.

Sprite has tapped different creators and designers, lead by streetwear icon Jeff Staple, to work on the “Ginger Collection”. Close Modal. Edit Profile Modal. A ginger soda available in 20 oz PET bottles, 2 liters, 12 oz cans and fridge packs.

Event attendees admire the limited-edition Sprite Ginger Collection items at the Sprite drop event at Extra Butter NY, on Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020 in New York City. Sprite Ginger Zero Sugar is also available. One 12-oz can of Sprite Ginger includes 130 calories and 34g of sugar, while the Zero Sugar variety includes 0 calories and 0g of sugar. Looking to launch Sprite Ginger with an emphatic bang, the beverage giant worked with Staple and a team of young tastemakers and artists to develop the "Sprite Ginger Collection." Sprite is releasing a Sprite Ginger flavor, complete with a matching collection. WELCOME TO YOUR. You can get your hands on Sprite Ginger … Sprite Ginger, which puts a gingery twist on the original lemon-lime soft drink, partnered with legendary streetwear designer Jeff Staple, founder of Staple Design and Staple Pigeon, to help launch the Sprite Ginger Collection – a celebration of young, up-and-coming creators from across the artistic spectrum.