4. n. a rude gesture made with the middle finger. A canard is "a false or ungrounded report." She’s a bird in a gilded cage. The third time he fumbled, he was greeted by two thousand mouths making the bird. The Cynic philosopher Diogenes, pictured by Gérôme with the large jar in which he lived; when strangers at the inn were expressing their wish to catch sight of the great orator Demosthenes, Diogenes is said to have stuck out his middle finger and exclaimed "this, for you, is the demagogue of the Athenians". Canard refers to a duck in French (as in French dishes like confit de canard), via the Old French quanart, meaning "drake." I like the bird you were with last night. Bird definition: A bird is a creature with feathers and wings. (Bird in a) Gilded (Golden) Cage. I've heard a lot of people say it and I'm so confused :( Someone please tell me what it means. We're given a close-up of the bird, and the economy of words necessary to lyricize a simple song forces Gilbert to pare down the verbiage, so the ideas are … Most birds can fly... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

3. n. an odd person. Gilbert is offering a little sketch of a bird singing, and to do so it must sit on a branch. bird 1. n. a woman; a girl. RE: Bird is the word meaning? If an internal link led you to this disambiguation page, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. But I don't think it does. This Site Might Help You. Meaning: In a luxurious but confining situation; Example: Theresa married a rich guy, but all she does is sit at home and log on to social media. 2. n. a derisive noise made with the lips; a raspberry. You Won't Believe These 10 Words Come From Birds. List of insect and bird idioms in English with meaning and example sentences. You might believe number 11. Bird is the Word may refer to: Bird is the Word I Bird is the Word II Bird is the Word III Bird is the Word IV Bird is the Word V Bird is the Word VI This page is used to distinguish between articles with similar names. Canard. What is the meaning for that saying. Some old bird came up to me and tried to sell me a cookbook. Like a Duck to Water Meaning: natural and easy, not needing instruction The Birds: Precocial ducks and geese can swim within hours of hatching without extensive instruction or parental guidance.These birds naturally know how to swim with ease and are right at home in the water. Female birds lay eggs . Insect & Bird Idioms with Meaning & Examples.