TriggermanGaming 9,341 views How to unlock and goals; The mission; Tips I only have wooden walls which don't last long.

They Are Billions. The first Infected Swarm mission - your goal is simply to survive. They Are Billions: Campaign Gameplay 9th Mission: Infected Swarm (2) - Duration: 14:11.

We recommend playing it first since this mission is the easiest out of all the Infested Swarm missions. All Discussions ... A wall of wasps 3 to 4 tiles deep holds one swarm of spitters just fine for the most part. I had about 60 soldiers (half were vets from clearing the map) in watchtowers backed up by about 40 Rangers.

The mission is to the south of the Crossroads.

The final wave of enemies is endless and just bulldozers over me.

This chapter contains a walkthrough and tips for this rather difficult type of missions.