The Cost of Van Life: Reality Check | FarOutRide. Cost of Van: $5,000 This is obviously the biggest expense, but it's also where you have the most wiggle room. What I plan to have in my emergency fund: $1,000 ( which I’ll … Below are the costs of everything we've put into the van over the last year and a half. In our article discussing the cost of van life, we give three examples of campers living on the road using a budget of $850 per month, $1,200 per month, and $2,000+ per month. Our Story. The price of Van Life varies DRAMATICALLY from person to person, but this blog post shows OUR actual average cost per month from the last 12 months. Take advantage of our experience from the past 2 years! Skip to content. Monthly cost report of our full time van life: insurance, gas & fuel, food, medicare, laundry, etc. You can watch the videos, find out where they spend their money, and decide if this is really a lifestyle you want to pursue. Vanlife On $2,000+ Per Month. Overall the Minimal Millennials spend about $2,100 per month. Living in a van is weird, and there are weird expenses that come up when you don’t have a larger home. We think this video is a pretty good breakdown of how much it takes to live comfortably and have some fun on the road. The Minimal Millennials both work remotely and are able to splurge a little more when it comes to spending.