... Duckweed is an important high-protein food source for waterfowl. ~ Duckweed, Disco's Ambush. Getting nutrients is a factor for aquatic plants. In water with constant currents or overflow, the plants are carried down the water channels and do not grow so thickly. "Duckweed" is a very entertaining film, through its combination of comedy, action and drama, which is bound to produce much laughter, particular to the ones who pay close attention. Despite this, he was one of the seven original zombies, first seen in The Zombies Attack. The whole fresh plant is used to make medicine. If colonies cover the surface of the water, then oxygen depletion and fish kills can occur. Duckweed definition is - a small floating aquatic monocotyledonous plant (family Lemnaceae, the duckweed family). See more. Duckweeds tend to be found in fertile, even eutrophic conditions. They can be spread by waterfowl and small mammals on their feet and bodies, and by moving water. They float on or just beneath the surface of still or slow-moving bodies of fresh water and wetlands.

Duckweed definition, any plant of the family Lemnaceae, especially of the genus Lemna, comprising small aquatic plants that float free on still water. Duckweed (Lemna Minor) - 100/200/500 Live Plants (100) by Aqua Habit Duckweed ecology. Duckweed Zombie is easily the most hated zombie out of the bunch. Duckweed is often weak, shown being picked on by his fellow peers. It has a high growth in nutrient-rich water and is commonly present in garden ponds.

These plants should be controlled before they cover the entire surface of the pond. For understandable reasons as well, seeing as he possesses an annoying voice, and stupid antics. Lemnoideae is a subfamily of flowering aquatic plants, known as duckweeds, water lentils, or water lenses. Duckweed can be an aggressive invader of ponds and are often found mixed in with other duckweeds, mosquito fern, and/or watermeal. Duckweed Market Introduction: Duckweed is a species of plant with small round leaves floating on the surface of the water. Overview Information Duckweed is a water plant.