Another point is in Ethiopia. A 1999 DNA study of gene flow among the Nile Valley populations raises even more doubts about the Aryan model's claims of a "Mediterranean race" sweeping into the north, then branching out to civilize the darker natives further south. During flood (June–September) the river provides less than 30 percent of the main Nile flow at Khartoum because the force of the floodwaters of the Blue Nile holds back the White Nile… The Blue Nile and White Nile meet in Khartoum; and the other side of Khartoum is the Omdurman Republic of Sudan. The White Nile respectively spills from Lake Victoria Uganda, near Kenya and flows North-bound meeting the Blue Nile spilling f rom Lake Tana in Ethiopia. In the strict meaning, "White Nile" refers to the river formed at Lake No, at the confluence of the Bahr al Jabal and Bahr el Ghazal Rivers. The tests defined the regions and groups as West and East Africa/Horn of Africa, Nilo-Saharan, Mbuti, San, Biaka, Khoi-San, Omotic/Omo River, Hazda, and White Nile River. In the wider sense, "White Nile" refers to all the stretches of river draining from Lake Victoria through to the merger with the Blue Nile. West Nile virus-rna or DNA? Subsequently, the Tekeze River flows from Eritrea and Ethiopian Border in a west Northerly fashion, Joining th e two Rivers at the Town of Atbarah (AtBarah river) The state is administratively subdivided into four districts: White Nile Rafting Company welcomes you to Uganda, The most hospitable and satisfying adventure operator in the “Pearl of Africa” with award- winning instructors that will guide you through exclusive activities on the stunning River Nile.

Since 1994 Rabak is the capital of the state; other important cities include Kosti and Ed Dueim.. DNA studies of Nile Valley gene flow. The White Nile River is west of the Blue Nile River. My DNA is Neo, Paleo, East, and Northwestern African. White Nile (Arabic: النيل الأبيض ‎ An Nīl al Ābyaḍ) is one of the 18 wilayat or states of Sudan.It has an area of 39,701 km 2 and an estimated population of approximately 1,140,694 (2008). The total length of the White Nile, including its major tributary, the Mountain Nile, is 1,295 miles (2,084 km). Remember, the Nile flows from south to north with the farthest point of the beginning of the Nile being in Uganda; this is the White Nile. I wish there were tests that break down West African DNA specifically.